New twist in Pratyusha's suicide case

 April 09 2016 at 8:37   140    Pratyusha Banerjee TV artist Rahul Raj Singh Bollywood Affair Post-mortem Report

New twist in Pratyusha's suicide case

Pratyusha's boyfriend Rahul Raj's ex-lawyer Neeraj Gupta has approached the police with fresh charges against Rahul alleging that he might have a role in the death of the actress and asked them to probe the murder angle as well. 

New twists came to the fore when he told police that Rahul was partying with an unidentified woman at an Andheri restaurant till 1.30am on April 1, the day Pratyusha was found hanging from a ceiling fan, and did not have a house party as he has claimed earlier. 

At a press conference he said " I have learnt that Rahul had a fight with the girl he was partying with. It needs to be found out whether she accompanied him home thereafter. How true are his claims that he went to church in the morning if he was drinking till late in the night?"

Also countering the claims that Rahul has been making, that, Pratyusha was heavily drunk before committing suicide, he said, "If she was so inebriated, could she have been in her senses to climb on a chair and tie her dupatta to the ceiling fan to make a noose? How old are the injuries found on her neck and cheekbone?"

Gupta, who claims to have known Rahul for six years, said Rahul has cheated several aspiring actors and that his modus operandi is to get a woman hooked to drugs and start forcing her to cough up money once she gets desperate for drugs. While Rahul is still in the hospital, police are waiting for the doctors to give a go ahead for him to be arrested.

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