No-confidence motion

 March 02 2016 at 5:56   203    YSR Congress Party TDP government YSRCP Assembly Jyothula Nehru YSRC deputy leader State Budget Jagan Nellore district Lotus Pond

No-confidence motion

The opposition YSR Congress Party is in plans to move a no-confidence motion against the TDP government. The party's disciplinary committee has taken this decision to build a legal case against its defected MLAs. By moving a no-confidence motion, the YSRC gets to issue a whip to its MLAs, and whoever violates it will be liable for disqualification.

YSRC deputy leader in the Assembly, Jyothula Nehru, said they might move a no-confidence motion if the state Budget, to be presented on March 10 during the session which begins on March 5, if it is not satisfactory.

Meanwhile Jagan held talks with his party MLAs from Nellore district to ascertain if any of them was on way out. The MLAs, however, were said to have assured Jagan that there was no question of their leaving the party. The YSRCP took this decision in the legislature party meeting chaired by Jagan at Lotus Pond.

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