No Confidence Motion on AP Speaker

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No Confidence Motion on AP Speaker

After moving No Confidence Motion in Andhra Pradesh Assembly on its ruling Government Telugu Desam Party (TDP), AP opposition party YSR Congress Party has now moved No Confidence motion on AP speaker Kodela Siva Prasad. YSRCP has issued a notice of no-confidence motion on AP Speaker Kodela.  YSRCP MLAs have alleged that Speaker's decision is unilateral and he has been obliging the ruling party.

YSRCP MLA’s met Secretary of AP Legislative Assembly Narayana andhanded over a letter of No Confidence Motion. In the letter they have stressed the point of their intention to move a resolution for the removal of honorable Speaker under Rule 71(1) of the procedure and conduct of business in the AP Legislative Assembly.

After submitting the notice, YSRCP members Srujuna Krishna Rangarao addressed the media and said that, “That This House Resolves to Remove Sri Kodela Siva Prasad Rao, The speaker of this House, as the members have lost confidence in Him”. He also added that speaker is working in favor of TDP, and he is disconnecting the mike of opposition leaders during the discussions in House.  He also added that he is not behaving neutral as speaker where is purely behaving as TDP member. Let us see How TDP will react on this.


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