No farmers only GHMC elections : CM KCR ?

 January 08 2016 at 8:33   329    Farmers GHMC Elections Cm kcr Suicide Telangana

No farmers only GHMC elections : CM KCR ?

KCR may be flying high with some confidence in upcoming elections. But farmers in Telangana are suffering. They just voted for KCR with a hope that he will reimburse their lives. But what he did in return ? So far farmers are just having one of the darkest periods.

Lots of suicides in past few months. But none of them were answered. KCR is also unmoved by all these deaths. The loans were not waived. High Court is also bugging KCR more number of times with respect to the plight of farmers. But each time, KCR is unperturbed and he is rock solid.

What everyone fails to understand is that, when Telangana is having ample funds, why can't farmers misery be eradicated ? A small example, In the new budget given by TRS Government, 1882.05 Crores were produced for farmers.

But so far Government has spent just 9 percent in that amount. That is, they have spent just Rs.156 Crores. So what happened to rest of the funds ? KCR knows the answer.

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