No Gayle, Only Bhel in Mumbai

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No Gayle, Only Bhel in Mumbai

No one can forget Mauka Mauka commercial ad which was aired on 2015 world cup. From then on words some creative guys are coming up with their own version of Mauka Mauka spoof videos during t 20 world cup.

The new Mauka Mauka spoof video is aimed to highlight the crucial semifinal match between India and West Indies is going viral. In the latest Mauka spoof video, a conversation between West Indies cricket fan and Mumbai vendor takes place. The Bhel Puri vendor's move will burst you into laughter.

In this video, a West Indian fan is seen heaping praise on Chris Gayle, which is not taken too kindly by an Indian who is a ‘bhelpuri seller.’ The West Indian fan keeps on praising Gayle and mocking India, and the bhelpuri vendor prepares a very spicy and hot offering of Bhelpuri and serves it to him. The Windies fan nonchalantly scoops one spoon and is taken aback by the chilly offering. With a cheeky swagger the Indian then pitches his own take- “ In Mumbai there is no Gayle, only Bhel”.

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