Old City's shocker on Beef Ban?

 September 17 2015 at 14:31   390    Old City Beef Ban BJP

Old City's shocker on Beef Ban?

During the last few days heated reactions came over various state governments decision to ban beef in their states. 

While opposition parties suspected BJP's saffron agenda in the ban, parties like even Shiv Sena opposed the decision. Bollywood too reacted angrily on beef fan. 

Asauddin's MIM which prides itself as protector of muslim rights reacted angrily. However in a shocker Old City in Hyderabad surprised many with its decision. 

It is known that MIM holds strong presence in Old City. However Arab Gorakshan Samithi's young muslim group from Barkas took a shocking oath supporting beef ban. 

They vowed not to eat beef and pledged to prevent cow slaughter during festivals like Muslim. Abdulla Bin Ali Bahamaid,advocate who heads the group said his main goal is to protect the good relations between Hindus and Muslims. 

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