Once again Director Teja started Torture !!

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Once again Director Teja started Torture !!

Teja is a very talented director. His strength lies in selection of artists and juicing the best out of them. Just like Bala in Tamil, our Teja doesn’t mind going to any extremes to get the shot right. There were few occasions when we have read reports on Teja manhandling his artists. This hasn’t got any hidden intention or personal grudge. All he does is for better output and those artists who have once thought themselves as victims working under Teja later realized the truth.

In fact, Kajal Agarwal was a fresher when she was picked by Teja for her debut film ‘Lakshmi Kalyanam.’ More than teaching the basics in acting, Teja carved Kajal into a gem which shined besides all star heroes working with top directors. Life comes as a full circle because Kajal is back teaming with Teja for an untitled film starring Rana as hero.

According to reports, Teja began to torture Kajal right from day one she signed the deal. Again, there’s no double talking here. Teja forced Kajal to cut down her weight and look slim so to be more authentic in Rana’s wife character. According to the same reports, Kajal is playing a kingmaker in this script which also has political shades. Should we call this as torture or Teja is again sculpting Kajal back into her best glamour side.

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