One hero is happy with another hero's flop!!!!

 October 15 2015 at 12:10   467    Nithin Ram Srinivas Reddy Shivam

 One hero is happy with another hero's flop!!!! Generally our Tollywood actors especially heroes & comedians are known for their friendly nature even though they tough fight at box office collections. Our actors are much united when compare with other film industry actors, every time our heroes take their box office fight as healthy competition. But now it seems that our heroes are getting jealous over other!!! Buzz is that young hero Nithin is very much happy over the disaster failure of another young hero Ram’s recent release “Shivam”!!! Actually director Srinivasa Reddy was supposed to cast Nithin as hero in “Shivam”, after hearing the script, Nithin told Srinivasa Reddy to make some changes in the script. But Srinivasa Reddy who did not make any changes in the script has approached Ram. He went ahead to shoot the film with the same script by casting Ram as hero. However, the film bombed at the box office on the first day of its release. Tollywood sources said that Nithin was happy for not being part of the flop movie. In the mean time Nithin who rejected many scripts finally acquired a chance to bag a main lead role in Trivikram’s direction. The film is expected to start in next month where sizzling beauty Samantha is going to make onscreen romance with Nithin in this film. Finally “Shivam” movie failure has given happiness to Nithin and sadness to Ram!!!! Analysts are saying that Nithin has become intelligent in selection of stories in recent times!!!!
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