One more surprise element

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One more surprise element

Are there English songs in Rajamouli's 100+ crore spectacle Baahubali? If we have to go by the tracks list of "Baahubali: The Beginning", we have to say that there is an English song for sure. As we need to wait until May 31st to find out more about this song, let's see why this discussing popped up.

All in all Baahubali Part I album consists are eight songs written by many lyricists including Siva Sakthi Dutta, Chaitanya Prasad, Ramajogayya Sastry, Ananta Sriram, Inaganti Sundar, Noel Sean and Aditya. Some of these lyricists are widely popular and some are just familiar to audiences. But one name is going to give everyone a break of sorts in their thoughts. Yes, it's Noel Sean. Popular as actor, anchor, singer, RJ and rapper, Noel is known for writing English lyrics for many movies. Most recently Noel was seen as an actor in Sai Dharam's "Rey" where he has done a negative shaded character, while he wrote English lyrics for a song in Rajasekhar's Geddam Gang.

After acting in Rajamouli's Eega as Nani's friend, what's this guy doing in the lyricist team of this epic war film? Did Rajamouli made him write any English song related to Europeans who attacked Baahubali's Mahismathi Kingdom? Or Noel tried his hand at Telugu lyrics for the first time? Anyway, Baahubali is not going to have those modern day Telugu lyrics but of poetry and medieval-age styled language.

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