Osmania General Hospital comes off

 August 21 2015 at 5:18   363    Osmania General Hospital Telangana Petlaburj Maternity Home Dr Raghu Ram

Osmania General Hospital comes off

The administration staff were surprised to find the debris when they opened the chambers at 8 am for cleaning.

The Osmania General Hospital Telangana Association of Doctors took pictures of the fallen debris, prepared a report and sent it to the government.

The doctors have been pressing the government since the last two months to shift the hospital into a safer place.

But there is no furniture, equipments, beds and other infrastructure at the Petlaburj Maternity Home and this is stopping doctors from shifting patients.

A senior doctor on condition of anonymity said, “It was fortunate that there was no one in the room. What if a meeting was going on? The doctors can also be injured. We are worried about the lives of doctors and patients. So we prepared a report and sent it to the government.”

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