Pawan fans interrupted Prabhas !!

 December 08 2015 at 5:37   214    Pawan kalyan Fans Prabhas Young Rebel Star Varun Tej Loafer Chiranjeevi

Pawan fans interrupted Prabhas !!

We have been watching exclusive Power Star Pawan Kalyan's fans (not all) making hubbub and din in the movie events for the past couple of years. Initially, common mega fans were hurt with their acts. When they interrupted the speeches of Megastar Chiranjeevi and other mega heroes in the past events, common mega fans felt it like heartwrenching and painfully dreary and tedious watching their irrelevant noise making. Finally, common mega fans successfully digested exclusive Pawan Kalyan fans' clamour in movie functions as lord Shiva swallowed dreadful poison in our mythologies. 

Young Rebel Star Prabhas has been invited as the chief guest of Mega Prince Varun Tej's 'Loafer' audio function. Some of the innocent mega fans felt that Pawan Kalyan's fans would show utmost respect on the 'Baahubali' star. 

In contrast, Pawan Kalyan's fans made lot of noise surpassing all previous records. They didn't even hesitate interrupting Prabhas' speech. They desperately sought Prabhas to utter Pawan Kalyan's name. Prabhas, however, handled the situation sensibly. His dignity and maturity have been clearly elevated in his speech. Meanwhile, Prabhas narrated an interesting story of beggars in his speech which received thumping applause.

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