Pawan Kalyan fans are Happy !!

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Pawan Kalyan fans are Happy !!

This is a deal that seems to have made everyone happy! Generally when the director of a film gets replaced, the vibe is bad. The whole unit goes into a turmoil. Adjustments have to be made and worse is dealing rumours that appear in the media.

But when Dolly replaced Suryah in Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming film, nothing of this sort happened. It was a win-win situation for everyone. For starters the fans were happy that Dolly will be directing Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. Earlier they have worked together in 'Gopala Gopala' and the film was a decent hit. Fans for some reason felt that Dolly is much more capable to handle this film than Suryah. Distributors too are positive and there is no negatives here.

Director S J Suryah who is known to give good film is happy with this development as he did not come out of this film on a acrimonious note. Some say that it was his idea to back out. The director is more interested in acting than in direction.  Off late he has been getting good roles and he wants to pursue this new found passion, thanks to the recent Tamil hit 'Iraivi'. Since his heart lies in acting, PK and the producer Sharat Marrar let him go and chase his dreams.

Dolly has already started working on this film. Currently he is looking at the pre-production work and is doing some minor changes to the script prepared by Akula Siva. So the production unit, the fans, the distributors all feel the change of director is actually a blessing in disguise.

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