Pawan Kalyan fans insulting Pawan Kalyan

 December 09 2015 at 10:34   287    Pawan Kalyan Janasena Fans Insulting Chennai Fake RGV Donating

Pawan Kalyan fans insulting Pawan Kalyan

We all know about Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's huge following in youth. The following for any film star or politician comes with a price tag. Pawan Kalyan is not an exception to that. Going in to details, Tollywood stars are generously donating to the victims of Chennai Rains. Some of them are even volunteering for the relief and rehabilitation works of the victims in the neighbouring state.

Usually Pawan Kalyan is very active in such crisis situation but did not make a comment or donation in the crisis situation. There are several media reports about why Pawan Kalyan is mum. Some very active fan of Pawan Kalyan decided to erase this bad name and spread a news that he donated 2 Crore for the cause.

Even director Ram Gopal Varma was misled and let out a series of tweets praising the actor cum politician. However this morning, contacted the team of Janasena and learnt that the donation news is false. They confirmed that the actor is yet to make any announcement or donation regarding the cause. This kind of fake publicity by overenthusiastic fans in such situation is certainly not in good taste.

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