Pawan Kalyan Insecure with Bollywood

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Pawan Kalyan Insecure with Bollywood

One striking mentality which has been observed most of the times from a few Bollywood's film fraternity and the film critics is that they respect Kollywood, its actors and technicians to the greater levels, but, on the contrary, they try to degrade and defame Tollywood's actors whenever they get an opportunity to speak about them. 

Initially, it was thought that Kollywood was far ahead than Tollywood in making films and so was the respect shown by the Bollywood on Kollywood. However, gradually it was evident that Bollywood's film fraternity (not all) has fear on the craze and talents of Tollywood heroes which, perhaps, prompted them to speak against our heroes. And most importantly most of our heroes acquire demi god statuses from their fans which was, badly, lacked by some of the craziest stars of Bollywood. 

When Megastar Chiranjeevi made his debut in Bollywood with 'Pratibandh', he was welcomed with criticisms from Bollywood's critics. But the movie turned a super hit. Similarly, Nagarjuna and Venkatesh experienced criticisms from Bollywood's film fraternity when they made Bollywood's debuts. Some days ago, Mega Power Star Ram Charan made his Bollywood's debut with 'Zanjeer'. He received brickbats from the critics and the movie's negative result turned as a boon for the critics. 

And now, Bollywood seems to have felt insecurity on Power Star Pawan Kalyan and his 'Sardaar Gabbar Singh'. Some days ago, a comedian from Bollywood abused Pawan Kalyan. And today, popular journo Subhash K Jha came down heavily on Pawan Kalyan. 

Interestingly, these critics are expressing their opinions on Pawan Kalyan even though the film hasn't got released. What does it indicate? Heights of insecurity, as it seems. Fortunately, Bollywood praised and embraced Baahubali. Maybe they felt 'Baahubali' a technician's film rather than a hero's film and was the affection shown by them. Wish that Bollywood's film fraternity should come forward to encouraging Telugu films and South Cinema so that real unity of Indians shown by them with their gestures.

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