Pawan Kalyan Missing Padma Award Again

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Pawan Kalyan Missing Padma Award Again

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's priceless support to the BJP and the TDP during general elections, 2009, cannot be forgotten by anyone. Had he extended his support to any other political party nor kept mum doing only movies, both the above political parties couldn't score in AP and Telangana. Especially, TDP couldn't come to the power.

But then, what has Pawan Kalyan achieved eventually? No such respect to Pawan Kalyan at the center as expected. He seems to have been deserted by the BJP. Although AP CM Chandrababu Naidu maintains good rapport with Pawan Kalyan, there have been political and group based equations behind them. 

In the meanwhile, speculations were rife last year that Pawan Kalyan would be honoured with either Padma Bhushan or Padma Sri by the Government of India. Nevertheless, nothing of that sort happened and this year too, he was ignored. Pawan Kalyan's fans feel it as a sign of ingratitude from the political parties shown on Pawan Kalyan. 

On the other hand, BJP has respected supporters of the party across India conferring awards to the celebs like Madhur, Malini, Anupam Kher, Rajinikanth and a few people from AP and Telangana. Caste equations also heard have played a vital role in these awards. Whatsoever, Pawan Kalyan's fans have pinned hopes their hero would get Padma award in near future.

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