Pawan Kalyan Reacts on Clashes with Prabhas Fans

 September 06 2015 at 11:31   1,399    Pawan Kalyan Prabhas Fans Bhimavaram

Pawan Kalyan Reacts on Clashes with Prabhas Fans

The recent clashes between Pawan Kalyan and Prabhas Fans groups in Bhimavaram town exposed the volatile caste divisions and politics thereof in Andhra Pradesh. The town is dominated by two caste groups represented by Pawan Kalyan and Prabhas. In war of supremacy, obviously one Fans group tried to oppress the other group leading to unrest and imposition of 144 Section. Arresting ten to twenty suspects from both the castes showed the severity of heroes to react on this issue.

Pawan Kalyan was away in USA and as soon as he arrived in India on Saturday, he took time to commence a meeting with Chiru Pawana Tejam President Undavalli Ramesh Naidu, Kapu Nadu district president Chinamilli Venkat Raidu and Convener Aareti Prakash. As all three were present in Bhimavaram to settle the things, Pawan spoke with them personally on phone.

‘Pawan Kalyan is humiliated by current happenings in Bhimavaram. He does not want to see any of such incidents repeated in future. He suggested Fans of all the heroes to join hands and come together for a meeting. A special committee named as ‘Shanthi (Peace) Committee’ will be established wherein all the Fans will regularly meet to carry forward friendly relations. Peace Committee also convenes charity and social activities to make their heroes feel proud of Fans. The idea is suggested by Pawan Kalyan and we are to follow it,’ Undavalli Ramesh Naidu informed local media.

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