Pawan Kalyan's shocking strategy revealed

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Pawan Kalyan's shocking strategy revealed

We know that Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has an immense fan base in South India. His movies gets earth shattering openings all over. Such a huge star he is, could you believe that he is facing a crunch situation. yes, he himself anounced that, he is in financial trouble in various interviews. Here are excerpts of those....

Pawan is struggling to meet his monthly expenses!

Pawan is doing movies at a rapid pace just to be financially healthy!

Pawan recently sold his Mercedes G55 for ready cash.

With the attempt to do movies at a fast pace, Pawan Kalyan is neglecting what his fans want and is taking them for granted. He has not taken them in consideration for his recent release Sardaar Gabbar Singh which bit the dust. Now Is Pawan repeating the same mistake ?

According to insiders report. Pawan right from the start of his career in these 20 years has done 21 movies in his career and current Katamarayudu is his 22nd which means that he has the habit of doing one film at a time.  But strangely he is currently doing Katamarayudu and 2 of his other films are in pre production stages. It is such a rare phenomenon for Pawan. He is planning to complete these three movies by next Summer.

Pawan generally does 1 movie in this time span but doing 3 movies in this time span is evident that Pawan is comprimising content wise. With the motto of wrapping up movies, Pawan is not caring much about fans. His only goal now is to complete movies at a jet speed and pocket few bucks before going in for direct elections. But is it fair to keep audience at stake ? Will Pawan realise his mistake?

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