PM Modi could've been killed in Pakistan ?

 January 06 2016 at 9:12   358    Pakistan PM Modi Lahore Terrorists Controversy Nawaz Shariff

PM Modi could've been killed in Pakistan ?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi enjoys tremendous fan following and at the sametime there are many Modi haters. Many in opposition hate him for various reasons. 

Terrorists see him as right wing Hindu leader and assassinating him will provoke India to wage war against Pakistan. Many already issued open threats to Modi saying they would eliminate him to take revenge for Godra riots. 

A Marathi writer Shripal Sabnis created controversy questioning  "had Modi been attacked in Pakistan, we would have been compelled to pay tributes to him before (eminent Marathi poet) Mangesh Padgaonkar (who died on Dec. 30)." after Modi surprised all by visiting Pakistan to greet Nawaz Shariff on his birthday. 

This triggered huge protests from BJP and he started getting death threats. Sabnis however refused to apologise for his remarks saying ''the PM lives in the shadow of fear.''

He went on to add "I had expressed pride that our prime minister had showed the courage to go to Pakistan with his heart in his hands, since there could be treachery and his life could be at risk. What is wrong with that statement?" and said "I have actually praised the PM for his good work. However, if Modi feels I have said something objectionable, let him say so and I shall immediately apologise to the entire nation,"

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