PM Modi spent 1000 Crores on ads

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PM Modi spent 1000 Crores on ads

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejiriwal said that central government has spent Rs.1000 crores on newspaper ads and other ways for its second anniversary. Kejiriwal government has accused ruling party for spending crores on ads, and he tweeted, "Modi govt spend on ads for just ONE event 2 yr bash? 

Sources- more than Rs 1000cr. All Del govt depts total spend less than 150cr for full yr"AAP Government in delhi recently got criticized for spending Rs.526 crores for publicity. Congress has alleged that the AAP government spent Rs 100 crore for self-promotion just between February and May. 

The party said an RTI query had revealed that Rs 14.5 crore had been spent just on newspaper ads and the rest on TV, radio ads and hoardings. Kejriwal had said that Rs 100 crore was spent in the entire year. 

Narendra Modi and his ministers are expected to attend an event at India Gate and that would be hosted by Amitabh Bachchan and the event will take place on May 28th to mark the second anniversary of the Government.

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