Power Star faults TDP & TRS Govt !!

 April 11 2016 at 13:24   317    Pawan Kalyan Janasena Fans Insulting Chennai Fake RGV Donating TDP TRS KCR Chandrababu

Power Star faults TDP & TRS Govt !!

Pawan Kalyan expressed his views on Special Status, Alliance with TDP, Defections into Ruling Parties, Contesting 2019 Polls and Clash of ideology with Megastar.

Special Status: 'I haven't forget the Special Status. If the time arrives, I'm ready to fight against anyone including the BJP Leadership. I could only wish such a situation doesn't arise'.

Electoral Politics: 'To question, there is Jana Sena. To contest, We have 2019 Elections. Jana Sena will surely contest but if it will be 5 seats or all the seats will be decided based on the situation at that point of time'.

Chances of working with Chiranjeevi again: 'Our ideologies weren't one and the same, so we could never work together in future. The identity of Jana Sena willn't sacrificed for anything. I floated the party only to highlight the people's voice'.

Any regrets over not contesting 2014 Polls: 'Not at all! My decision to support TDP then was a right thing to do as I felt experience counts during crisis'.

Opposition MLAs joining Ruling Parties in AP & T: 'I don't think its the right thing to do. Neither TDP nor TRS have the necessity to encourage such defections'.

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