Prabhas Reacts on His Profit Share

 July 20 2015 at 16:47   443    Prabhas Baahubali Rgv Remuneration

Prabhas Reacts on His Profit Share

A top corporate company taking-over ‘Bahubali 2’ for massive 325 Crores and Prabhas being paid a remuneration of 65 Crores as a part of profit sharing agreement for the first part with producers have been the buzz topics around in South Indian cinema circuits. Of course, Ram Gopal Varma is the man behind planting these rumors and we haven’t seen much of resistance from ‘Bahubali’ team against such reports. 

When hero Prabhas is questioned on the same, there was a sharp reply. ‘The amounts our producers have spent for making of ‘Bahubali’ and my remuneration are more than I could ever expect. In this regards, the amount quoted as remuneration from the profit share is false,’ hence Prabhas has put off all the speculator work.

Till now, there is no comprehensive information on the actual budget spent in production of ‘Bahubali’ and the mammoth scale of official business happened. When makers are going for ‘Bahubali 2,’ it automatically means they are financially in safe station. Two things which we can never get an answer are; Prabhas marriage and his ‘Bahubali’ remuneration!

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