Prabhas Vs Mahesh Babu !!

 July 24 2015 at 13:33   707    Prabhas Mahesh Babu Chatrapathi Bollywood

Prabhas Vs Mahesh Babu !!

Prabhas and Mahesh are the heroes who has huge fan following in the current scenario in North India. For Mahesh, popularity in North India started long back and for Prabhas, people started following him after "Chatrapathi".

Lots of producers were stated to have consulted Mahesh and Prabhas, but none of them gave a nod for a Bollywood project. Prabhas recently mentioned his wish to do a Bollywood project, if things goes well. Namrata too mentioned that the script and the film maker combination didn't work out well for Mahesh to take up a Bollywood project.

Both are on the same line now and if they get a good project, they are set to try their luck in Bollywood. "Who will open the Bollywood account first?" turned to be the main point in Tollywood. We have to wait for some more time to know the answer.

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