Priyamani revealed her Complete love story

 September 16 2015 at 10:41   482    Priyamani Love Bollywood Affairs

Priyamani revealed her Complete love story

We already know Priyamani is in love with Mumbai based businessman Mustafa Raj the duo is getting ready for the marriage soon too. Priyamani as her fans and media are asking about her love story got interesting details on their Togetherness. 

She explained how both of them met firstly, who proposed their first love and how they struggled to convince their family too. Priyamani and Mustafa first met at the Celebrity cricket league tournament about 4 years ago and they exchanged each others numbers during their meeting, With in no time they got to be very close friends and friendship has turned so deeper as they realised both are opposite personalities that bought this duo so together. 

Priyamani accepted she is the one who initially proposed texting him for the first time and he thought it was a joke. She spoke about their wedding plans and said they are going to marry this year soon in coming few weeks and there will be official announcement from her soon.

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