Puri Jagannadh's Rogue Trailer Review

 March 02 2017 at 0:51   58    Rogue Puri Jagannadh Trailer Review

Puri Jagannadh's Rogue Trailer Review

Maverick director Puri Jagannadh's 'Rogue' theatrical trailer, which was unveiled on 1st of March, received thumps down response from the viewers. The hot romantic chemistry between the lead star cast was felt 'B' grade stuff by the patrons. The spicy and wild beach romance of hero and heroines may attract some sections while the same may rub the wrong sides of many others. 

Ishan, the debutant, though, was handsome at looks, his performance is yet to be refined. His histrionics remind us charecterizations of numerous protagonists of a handful of Puri's films. In fact, the caption 'Maro Chanti Gadi Prema Katha', itself, conveys where the film would head for. 

It has actually been thought that Puri would get his prowess and expertise brushed up with this trailer and thus would strike back. But then, the trailer simply reminds RGV's films, which happens to be the ugly side of it. Yet, the trailer cannot adjudge a movie's fate and we can expect the movie would be far better than the trailer. As Ishan being the son of producer of the film, obviously, the visuals are rich and consisting full of quality. BGM and songs by Sunil Kashyap were mediocre.

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