Reason behind sudden change !!

 December 17 2015 at 6:39   236    CM KCR ABN Kavitha TRS Andhra Jyoti Chandra Babu Nizamabad GHMC

Reason behind sudden change !!

No one would have thought that KCR would develop a love towards his counterpart Chandra Babu Naidu all of a sudden. But the sudden love has created huge ripples inside the party. He was invited by Naidu for Amaravati stone foundation and now Naidu is called to attend the Chandi Yaagam.

What happened to the arch rivals. What made KCR to feel secured ? An inside source in the party said, Naidu is in a hapless situation and he is forced to forsake Hyderabad due to the Revanth reddy episode.
And this helped KCR to cement his party strength. Apart from this KCR is also confident over Telangana and the victory at Warangal by poll elections has provided him the security.

Right now KCR is focusing completely on the GHMC elections and he feels that the friendship with Naidu will be an added advantage to get hold of Seemandhra votes. Naidu on other hand is planning to grab KCR and get some votes from him. In the end, it's all a mind game .

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