RGV controversial comments on Mahatma Gandhi

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RGV controversial comments on Mahatma Gandhi

‘Killing Veerappan’ is a drama thriller that is made by the inspired events of smuggler Veerappan. This film talks about how Veerappan lived in the forests of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The way that Veerappan smuggled Sandalwood, how he assassinated police are the key points that were pictured in ‘Killing Veerappan.’This film that is directed by Ram Gopal Varma has Shivaraj Kumar in a prominent role of a police officer. Sandeep Bharadwaj is playing the role of Veerappan in this film. ‘Killing Veerappan’ that will release this Friday is now facing obstacle from Muthulakshmi, who is the wife of Late Veerappan.

Muthhulakshmi said that ‘Veerappan is a hero. He protected Mother Nature and forests from the corrupt governments and police. He didn’t spare his life in saving the forests. Till date people in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu address him as a god. Such influential personality in now being defamed by ‘Killing Veerappan.’ This film has shown Veerappan as a villain and the police as the hero, which is quite opposite to real life. I demand a ban on this film in Karnataka.”

Reacting to her comments, Ram Gopal Varma said, “Every husband is a hero to his wife. Veerappan isn’t any exemption. But, in real life he is someone who killed hundreds of policemen and elephants, thereby creating a huge chaos in the southern states. If Muthhulakshmi feels Veerappan is a hero, then what shall the widow wife’s of policemen that were killed by Veerappan shall think?” he further questioned Muthhulkshmi that “If Veerappan, Osama Bin Laden are heroes to her, then how will she describe Mahatma Gandhi?”

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