RGV once again targets Pawan Kalyan

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RGV once again targets Pawan Kalyan

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma seems to have been frustrated with Power Star Pawan Kalyan and his fans. The eccentric genius has been trolling Pawan Kalyan and his fans for unknown reasons. And he tweeted, "I love Pawan kalyan and God for different reasons and I hate devotees and P K fans for the same reason." As Rgv's tweet was intended to target Pawan Kalyan's fans and to invite criticisms and abuses from them, is such a way, his goals have been fulfilled with the tweet. Nonetheless, why is he repeatedly targeting Pawan Kalyan and mega fans? Following views were expressed by a few movie buffs.

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* Rgv might be envious on Pawan Kalyan's craze nor he doesn't like Pawan Kalyan's attitude.

* Rgv seriously opposes Pawan Kalyan's political decisions. 

* Rgv might have been furious with Pawan Kalyan's fans, as they treat the star as their god. As Rgv being an atheist, he might not got digested Pawan Kalyan being adored like a demi god.

* May be some caste issues.

* Rgv, himself, feels he is the best satirist. Having criticized top celeb like Pawan Kalyan, his tweet might get a wider reach.

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