RGV's first apology in his career !!

 May 30 2016 at 4:10   280    RGV Satires Mahatma Gandhi Veerappan Killing Veerappan Kidnap Journalist Vangaveeti Ranga

RGV's first apology in his career !!

Director Ram Gopal Varma, who is known for his controversial comments, has expressed his first apology in his career. RGV apologized to lady journalist Shilpa after commenting about her personality.

Shilpa, a film reviewer with Reuters, had earlier criticized Varma’s latest Hindi release ‘Killing Veerappan’. RGV couldn’t take the criticism, and he commented that the movie was as beautiful as her face by tagging a photo of Shilpa. Later, Varma apologized to her stating he has never apologized to anyone.

This whole incident has done nothing but helping Killing Veerappan stay in the news. As a shrewd filmmaker, Varma knows how to remain in headlines.

Starring Sachin Joshi, Sandeep, Lisa Ray and others, Veerappan has been released this weekend, and the film received mixed word of mouth.

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