RGV satires on Mahesh Babu !!

 September 21 2015 at 17:21   1,475    RGV Satires Mahesh Babu

RGV satires on Mahesh Babu !!

After Teja, now it's the turn of his guru Ram Gopal Varma to target celebrities adopting villages. RGVsaid that it would be an insult to the villages if someone adopts them.

The eccentric filmmaker took to his twitter handle and wrote :

"I find this whole thing of celebs adopting villages very insulting to villages..No self respecting village will allow itself to be adopted. Imagine how insulting we will feel if a Hollywood star would want to adopt india reminding us that we are an under developed country. Do People who adopt think villages are orphans or beggars or handicapped or what? If villages have any self respect they should protest. Any village who is willing to be adopted is actually admitting that its depending on left over morsels thrown at it by the rich and famous" (sic).

It goes without saying that RGV has targeted celebrities like Mahesh Babu, Shruti Haasan, Prakash Raj, Manchu Vishnu etc who announced that they are adopting villages.

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