RGV shocking tweets on Sardaar

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RGV shocking tweets on Sardaar

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's ‘Sardar Gabbar Singh’ is slated for grand release on April, 8th. Film makers are celebrating the film audio release in a extravagant manner on March, 20th today at Novatel, Hyderabad today. 

When fans are getting ready for the celebrations, Maverick Director Ram Gopal Varma came with a shocker on the film makers decision to release the film in Hindi. 

He came with the following tweets

Without having the Visual Magnitude of "Bahubali" it will be a super duper blunder to release "Sardar Gabbar Singh" in Hindi

It will be bad for Pawan Kalyan if "Sardar Gabbar Singh" box office in Hindi will prove that Prabhas is bigger than P k on a National Level

If there is even just one smart and truthful person around Pawan Kalyan, I request him to advise P K not to this Himalayan Mistake

Pawan Kalyan should come in Hindi only when the film also is as big as BahuBali ..Sardar Gabbar Singh minus PK will look very small in front of BB.

After a long time looks like RGV comes up with some meaningful Tweets. Let's wait and see how Sardar Gabbar Singh will work out in Hindi?

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