RGV treatment for Congress leaders

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RGV treatment for Congress leaders


Ace director Ram Gopal Varma is the only person that no one can mess up with him. The director was always being in news with his controversial tweets. RGV recently kicked political storm with his upcoming entertainer Vangaveeti. Several Congress leaders submitted memorandum to Visakhapatnam Mental Hospital superintendent asking RGV be sent to mental asylum for including former PM Rajiv Gandhi in the film.

As usually RGV gave a huge 'shock' to the Congress leaders. In his reaction, RGV said, "To undergo treatment, I at least have brain, but these Congress leaders are blabbering at me since they don't even have a brain." “Congress leaders have proved that human beings can survive even without having a brain.”

He also added that “I am going to request Narendra Modi to send these Congress leaders to America for advanced medical research.” Inspite of receiving warnings & threats, RGV is gearing up to film the sensational biopic. He will be soon meeting Ranga's wife Ratnakumari. Ram Gopal Varma declares Vangaveeti Ranga will be his last movie.



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