RGV Twitter Comment on Chota Rajan

 October 29 2015 at 6:16   400    Chota Rajan RGV Bollywood Dawood Ibrahim

RGV Twitter Comment on Chota Rajan

Mafia don Rajendra Sadashiv Nikhalje alias Chhota Rajan -- a former aide turned foe of Dawood Ibrahim has been arrested by the Indonesian police in Bali.

Chhota Rajan's rise in the underworld has inspired many Bollywood filmmakers to chronicle his life and times on the big screen. Maverick director RGV was one among them. With arrest of Choota Rajan one can easily expect a reaction from our filmmaker and here comes it from Mr Maverick.Ram Gopal Varma on Wednesday tweeted on the arrest of mafia don Chota Rajan.

Varma made a sensational statement on the Chota Rajan's arrest. Varma said' Chota Rajan arrest would reveal many other bigwigs names.Varma tweet reads: 'Am most curious about which politicians, police officers and top businessmen's names Chota Rajan will reveal who helped him maintain his gang.'

Varma is known for his films on mafia, gang wars and the life of dons in many films. His super hit 'Company' depicted the lives of Davood Ibrahim and Chota Rajan. "Satya 2" also seemed to have hints of Chhota Rajan's life, but the filmmaker had denied any such influences.

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