Rs.35,000 crore to implement 30 welfare schemes

 March 10 2017 at 11:58   19    Telangana TRS CM KCR

Rs.35,000 crore to implement 30 welfare schemes

Stating that the Telangana today is considered the leading state in implementation of welfare scheme, Governor ESL Narasimhan said the government has earmarked the lion’s share of the budget for welfare sector by allocating over Rs.35,000 crore to implement over 30 welfare schemes.

Addressing the joint session of the State Legislature on the opening day of the budget session today, the Governor pointed out that contrary to the ritualistic practice of doling out paltry assistance through the social welfare pensions, the TRS Government significantly enhanced the quantum of pensions for old persons, widows, weavers, toddy tappers, AIDs patients and increased it to Rs.1000/- per month under Aasara scheme. The pensions for differently-abled  and aged artists has been enhanced to Rs.1500 per month and likewise beedi workers are being paid Rs.1000 per month, which is first of its kind in the country, he explained.

Narasimhan said while 29 lakh persons were sanctioned social security pensions before the formation of the state, currently as many as 36 lakh persons were being benefited under the pension and assistance schemes introduced by the government. As compared to the annual expenditure of Rs.835 crore towards this in the past, currently the state government was spending over Rs.4,729 crore, he added.

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