Rudrama Devi-Viewer Review !!

 October 10 2015 at 9:51   765    Rudramadevi Gunasekhar Anushka Rana Prakash Raj Review

Rudrama Devi-Viewer Review !!

Strong Content, Powerful Performances by Anushka, Prakash Raj and specifically Allu Arjun. I can only sympathize with those heroes who turned down Allu Arjun's role, when they were offered.

Grandeur and excellent research on Subject. The bigger hero of this movie is the Director Gunasekhar. His 3 years of pains, efforts and tears having paid off. Only let down - Graphics. That is understandable due to a budget of just 70 cores for such an ambitious Project. As compared to 250 cores for Baahubali.Special thanks to Mr.Chiranjeevi for lending his valuable baritone and to explain to the Telugu audience about this valuable piece of history. Im sure again which he has done without charging

Let's hope now investors will make a queue for his next ambitious venture Pratap Rudra and he can overcome the graphics issue.Main villains of this episode: Telugu Caste based Investors who preferred to put their money for a fantasy rather on Telugu History.

Let's hope we see more money being poured and invested on our rich history. I'm sure movies on Shivaji,Veera Pandya, Palanadu Yudham will bring in the pride for the people as well as the money for whoever is investing. What Telugu people need now as a diversion, from Sumos being blown up and thigh slapping, is lessons in our rich history.

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