Rumours on YSRCP Senior leader ?

 November 05 2015 at 4:29   326    YSRCP Mysoora Reddy TDP YS Jagan

Rumours on YSRCP Senior leader ?

Will former TDP MP and senior YSRCP leader MV Mysoora Reddy quit YSRCP? According to some sources, it is being said that  Mysoora Reddy has been seriously contemplating on quitting the party.
Speculations are rife that Mysoora is all set to start separate Rayalaseema movement and is expected to hold a meeting with Congress and YSRCP leaders from Rayalaseema. 

It is said that Mysoora is planning to hold a meeting in Tirupati in the name of Rayalaseema Rastra Samithi on November 21 and he would quit the party on November 20. 

Recently, the YSRCP leader participating in a debate, said that another regional movement would soon raise in AP.

He is reportedly unhappy over being sidelined by Party president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Rumours were rife that Mysoora wanted to quit the party long back, but he said to have been assured a Rajya Sabha. Mysoora had joined the YSRCP when Jagan was arrested. 

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