Sakshi TV Back on Air

 June 25 2016 at 6:01   218    Sakshi TV Pawan Kalyan Media YS Jagan Andhra Pradesh Mudragada

Sakshi TV Back on Air

The government of Andhra Pradesh government has in a way indirectly lived up to its promise wherein Sakshi will be going off air only to prevent any possible caste tensions which the channel was accused of fanning to derive political benefit for its high profile owners.

With Mudragada wrapping up his Deeksha, slowly Sakshi services were resumed. Earlier Sakshi was off the air in East Godavari, Vishakapatnam, and other regions of Coastal AP as the channel has been accused by TDP of instigating Kapu community against government using Mudragada’s fast.

Within few hours of Mudragada Padmanabham finishing this deeksha, Sakshi services have been resumed. During the next court hearing that deals with Sakshi’s complaint in Hyderabad High Court, it will be interesting to see what AP government will say.

From its end, Andhra Pradesh government had maintained all along that it didn’t instruct the MSOs to halt Sakshi services. The government counsel will be soon submitting an affidavit regarding this issue.

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