Samantha deletes tweet on Mahesh Babu !!

 May 24 2016 at 9:28   1,276    Samantha Rumours Rana Naga Chaitanya Nagarjuna Love Mahesh Babu Brahmotsavam

Samantha deletes tweet on Mahesh Babu !!

When Samantha tweeted that everybody would go crazy about Mahesh Babu’s act in the Bala Tripuramani song of Brahmotsavam, little did she know then that the particular tweet would become famous, and would make her the “baap of all trolls” online.

Well, here’s what happened. Minutes after the film released, people started sharing the screenshot of the particular tweet and said she was trolling Mahesh Babu big time. The song which was the most talked about, not because of being awesome but rather because of the weird “shivering” kind of step, had people literally rolling in the floor laughing as it wasn’t just weird but also hilarious.

And that’s how word got out that the unintentional humour of the film was observed by Samantha way before and that’s how she tweeted about it. Now that everyone is talking about her tweet more than the film itself, it seems the actress decided to delete the tweet itself..

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