Sardaar Gabbar Singh inside Talk | Censor Talk

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Sardaar Gabbar Singh inside Talk | Censor Talk

‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’ from Pawan Kalyan is done with Censor Certification yesterday and Board members gave U/A without recommending a single cut. According to the information available from inner sources, the film has come out extra-ordinary and would be a complete treat for Pawan Kalyan Fans. More than story, action or Power Star’s presence; it is the screenplay which is surely going to be a surprise package.

‘Pawan’s character is introduced impassively. He lands in the feudal clutches of Bhairav Singh ruled Rattanpur as an Inspector. Unlike regular action or revolt against the cruel villain, Pawan Kalyan carries on proceedings in whole first half on a lighter mode with typical comedy in Police Station, romance thus facing the ire of Rattanpur villagers. At a time when audience doubt on Pawan’s characterization going on dizzy lines, here comes his lateral ferocious dimension out during the most critical interval block. Thus is the song placement of ‘Aadu Evadanna Eedu Evadanna’ which accelerates the tempo. Interval is the high point of whole film wherein Fans will have goose bumps,’ informed an anonymous source.

Second half is again the high voltage action with bloodthirsty confrontation between hero and villain dealt superbly by director Bobby. 

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