Scam in Shaadi Mubarak !!

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Scam in Shaadi Mubarak !!

‘Shadi Mubarak’ scheme intended to support poor Muslim families for daughters' marriage in Telangana has turned out a big scam. The officials are deterring away applicants with cumbersome procedures and eating up the money on binami names. 

Under the scheme launched by the Telangana government in October 2014, an eligible family would be paid Rs51,000 for the marriage of a girl who should be above 18 years. However, like many other welfare schemes, Shadi Mubarak also became a treasure trove for the officials. They invented ways to deter away eligible families when they approach for the benefit. 

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has launched a special investigation into the scheme to unearth the irregularities surrounding the initiative. Following allegations of irregularities by the officials, the ACB sleuths have arrested a MeeSeva service provider from Kishanbagh this week.

According to reports, Zahed Ali, a MeeSeva operator was held for cheating one Fouzia Begum of Bahadurpura who had applied for this scheme. Officials however added that 15 more such cases will be examined.

As per Fouzia’s complaint who wished to avail this benefit for her daughter’s wedding in February last year, alleged that Zahed handed her only Rs 20,000 as compared to Rs 51000 promised by the government. She also said he took Rs 2000 as registration fees from her.

Fouzia was asked to submit the Aadhar Card, Electricity bill, Wedding Card and a Marriage photo. However despite visiting the MeeSeva thrice for her due compensation, she was left disappointed.

Fouzia in her complaint said she anyway went ahead and conducted her daughter’s wedding with the money he gave. She filed a complained post the marriage. Based on her complaint the ACB officials raided his premises and arrested him for the con.

However, Fouzia is not the only one to be cheated. She is in-fact  echoing the grievances of many such hapless parents who are either being turned away by the officials or are being cheated with incomplete compensation.

Some parents claim, the officials demand a long list of documents from the applicants. However they aver that they are denied their rightful compensation despite presenting all the required details and documents.

Some applicants argued that the MeeSeva officials ask them for unreasonable documents which are not easy to provide and are almost unnecessary.

A woman working as a housemaid alleged that she applied in this scheme for her daughter’s marriage. She was apparently asked to bring the groom’s Aadhar card along, which she said was not possible for her to provide and argues it makes no sense to provide that as her income proof.

Therefore after constant complaints from applicant, the ACB officials smelt a rat and are now conducting special investigations in Hyderabad, Warangal Nizamabad and Nalgonda districts to find out if there are malpractices in the scheme, though the state government hasn’t ordered them to conduct these inspections yet. They are nonetheless going ahead with their plans. ACB chief A.K Khan said they will be keeping a close watch on the social welfare schemes in the state to avoid any malpractice.

Well clearly this social welfare scheme hasn’t fared out to be too ‘mubarak’ for the hopeful aspirants or the state for that matter as from day one the scheme meant to benefit the poor people is marred with controversies.

Many politicians from the opposition parties too raised this issue in the state assembly and labeled the state-government initiative as a scam.

The ACB is further probing the matter.

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