SEBI notices to Ramalinga Raju !!

 September 11 2015 at 11:16   387    SEBI Ramalinga Raju Satyam Telangana

SEBI notices to Ramalinga Raju !!

SEBI had issued notices to Satyam Rama Linga Raju and his family to pay the fine of 1850 Crore illegally amassed in the Share market by inside trading. Raju will have to pay 1500 Crore as interest to this in addition taking the amount to 3350 Crore.

SEBI already issued notices regarding this fine an year ago but they failed to pay it. Now SEBI had given fresh notices in this regard on Thursday. We will have to see of Raju pays this or declare bankrupt.

It is already known that Telangana government also slapped a notice to Ramalinga Raju’s Maytas company to shell out compensation of 2627 Crore loss the government had incurred as Maytas pulled out of Hyderabad Metro.

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