Security trouble to Seemandhras ?

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Security trouble to Seemandhras ?

Telangana IT Minister K.T.Rama Rao recently made an open statement that Andhra Pradesh was most benefitted due to the bifurcation. He said Andhra is even getting new Amaravati city.

He also said Andhra has got more benefits than Telangana. Apart from that he also asked, "Whether there was any single instance of attack on Seemandhras since the TRS has come to power?" This statement has caused some security trouble to Seemandhras in Hyderabad.

What KTR said was factually right. But it might be in the best interests of the TRS that the safety of the Seemandhras is assured. Now as KTR has said this statement, Now Telugu Desam Party would immediately start the section 8 issue again.

And then, the final frontier for the TRS is the upcoming GHMC elections which will have more influence due to Seemandhra voters. So if GHMC elections is going to decide the fate of TRS, will it make another different agenda for Seemandhra people ?

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