SHOCKING Comments on Pawan Kalyan !!

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SHOCKING Comments on Pawan Kalyan  !!

Jyothula Nehru who recently quit YSR Congress and joined in Telugu Desam Party, made some interesting comments on Pawan Kalyan’s opinion on Jump Jilanis. The anchor was referring to Pawan Kalyan’s comments that the defected MLAs are ditching the trust of their party and people who voted them. 

Jyothula started like he can not answer Pawan Kalyan because he is not a full time politician and at the same time took potshots on the Janasena President. “I worked with him during Praja Rajyam. I do not see him as a matured politician. Back then, we have given tickets taking candidates from other parties. 

When it is not applicable then, I do not understand why he will say this now,” Nehru said. Jyothula Nehru belongs to same Kapu community of Pawan Kalyan. Back then, when Chiranjeevi started Praja Rajyam Party, Jyothula openly announced that it is a golden opportunity for his caste person to become Chief Minister of the state. Before that Jyothula Nehru is in TDP for about 20 years.

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