SHOCKING : Leading Actress affair with TV anchor

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SHOCKING : Leading Actress affair with TV anchor

One of the leading actress in Indian Film Industry who has just occupied a permanent spot in dreams of youngsters is ready to provide a 'Shock'. The actress is already hooked up with a leading anchor and soon they may take their relationship to next stage.

By Next Stage, we mean, they are ready to take it to 'Marriage' and not 'that thingy'. The wedding will not happen any time sooner. Right now the leading actress is just working on two big projects in the film industry. So right now her full focus is towards those projects.

A source said that the actress has fallen in love with the anchor during a TV show. Taken away by his sense of humour, the actress got his number and they continued the relationship further through texts and phone calls.

The source further added that the actress even went to a tour with that anchor and they had some Personal Alone time. Even recently the couple were seen together in some hot spots of a Metropolitan city and they got captured by few Paparazzi's. 

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