SHOCKING : Leading Actress nude video into WhatsApp !!

 May 10 2016 at 6:56   1,500    Nude Rumours Affair WhatsApp Actress Tamil magazine

SHOCKING : Leading Actress nude video into WhatsApp !!

Leading Veteran Actress who has acted in more than 50 movies has recently shifted to 'Horror' genre. The actress decided to travel in same lane for next few movies. Now the actress has got a shock as her nude video is doing rounds on WhatsApp and other sites.

One of the leading Tamil magazine has said that, the actress video is going viral on WhatsApp. Recently many actresses were victims of this WhatsApp video. But most of them turned out to be 'Fake' or 'Look Alike'.  But in this video, the leading actress face is clearly seen.

This has caused a stir in movie circles. The actress is shell shocked right now. On other hand, a source said, this was done intentionally as the actress was spotted with a Minister and opposite party leaked the video to bring down the fame as it is election time.

Close friends with the actress are asking the actress to be tight lipped as time will vanish this news too. But right now, the video is the hottest talk of the town. The actress stays silent without lodging a complaint as that would land her in more trouble.

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