Shocking : TRS Party spent 100cr on Single Night

 November 22 2015 at 13:22   309    Warangal TTDP BJP Elections Chandrababu YSRCP Jagan TRS

Shocking : TRS Party spent 100cr on Single Night

Opposition parties even after the completion of Warangal by polls are making shocking allegations against the ruling TRS party. They are alleging that TRS party using its power spent a whopping Rs 100crs in just one night day before the elections.

Opposition parties cutting across party lines accused TRS of luring voters with money right after the end of the campaigning. Inside talk is TRS made a strategic move in order to not just win the elections but also to get record margin.

Local leaders of the party observed how much opposition parties gave to the voters and in what form they have distributed and then executed their plan meticulously. Till Thursday and Friday they remained silent but on the polling day yesterday they spent more than 100crs. 

Local congress leaders accuse police of working hand in glove with the TRS party. Some say TRS spent so much money as it was scared of facing ignonimous defeat.

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