Shooting in Florida leaves many dead

 July 25 2016 at 15:15   239    Florida

Shooting in Florida leaves many dead

Shooting at a night club in Florida left 2 dead and many injured. The incident occurred at a night club in Fort Myers, Western Florida. The shooting took place during a 'Teen Night'. At the time of reporting around 14-16 people were wounded and some of them suffered life threatening injuries. 

Gunshots were fired in the parking lot of Club Blu in Fort Myers at around 12:30 a.m. ET. Police detained a person of interest and shots were fired injuring another person five blocks away from the night club. 

Detectives are yet to identify the motive early monday. Police statement read "The Fort Myers Police Department and Lee County Sheriff's Office are actively canvassing the area looking for other persons who may be involved in this incident," and went on "At this time the scene is still very active as investigators and crime scene personnel attempt to determine what occurred."

Children as young as 13 were caught up in the horror when the shooting broke out around 1am local time (6am UK time). THe dead victim is a 14 year old boy. There are reports of shooting from three different places but it is not clear if they are related. The scene had been described as mad house. A eye witness said she heard around 30 gun shots and believes that these came from number of weapons. 

One of them posted on facebook “I called and couldn’t get a hold of them, I rushed to Blu scared when I arrived I got one of them and he said that the shooter took off and the cops where chasing him,” “It was a mad house people were running everywhere. All people were saying was their friends’ names to see if they’re okay — a lot of phone calls to parents,” he wrote. “But it was one of the scariest sights to just see people come pouring out like that.”

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