Shourya Movie Review

 March 04 2016 at 13:40   425    Collection King Mohan Babu Manchu Manoj Regina Cassandra Prakash Raj Shayaji Shinde Subbaraju Brahmanandam Nagineedu Music: K. Veda Director K Dasaradh ProducerMalkapuram Shiva Kumar

Shourya Movie Review

Collection King Mohan Babu's second son Manchu Manoj who is renowned as Rocking Star has came up with his new film Shourya. This film was released in a grand manner and it is biggest-ever release in Manoj's career. Shourya was released with much positive pre-release buzz and decent expectations. Have a look how the film was


The film was about an young man Shourya (Manchu Manoj)  who is highly educated and in deep love with Nethra (Regina Cassendra). Afterward, their love story was turned and an unfortunate incident lead to the murder of Nethra.  Shourya gets framed for the murder and how did he came from that situation is the rest of the story.

Plus points

Manchu Manoj is the biggest asset of this film He should be admired for trying out something new.

Regina as usual looks beautiful and gave stunning performance.

The story is filled with decent twists which will make you involve in the movie

Minus points

The first half is quite weak and felt bore

The story and scenes between the twists was not well written

The songs and screen play are major speed-breakers.

Climax was routine


Starting with director Dasaradh, although he had chosen good story line but he failed to impress with his screenplay. If he would be take care of the first half then the result may in different way. He has created some interest with Second half which turns little more serious with couple of twists. Dialogues are average. Cinematography is decent and a few scenes have been showcased well.

Movie marks

Shourya failed to impress with twists.

Rating : 2.5/5

Cast and crew

Manchu Manoj

Regina Cassandra

Prakash Raj,

Shayaji Shinde,




Music: K. Veda

Director: K Dasaradh

Producer: Malkapuram Shiva Kumar


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