Sivaji fired on Venkaiah Naidu

 February 11 2016 at 13:13   330    Politician Sivaji Venkaiah Naidu AP status Sadhana samithi AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu BJP NDA Rule

Sivaji fired on Venkaiah Naidu


Actor-turned-Politician Sivaji president of special AP status Sadhana samithi appeared before media after a long time. He once again raised the issue of Special Status and compared BJP Leaders to chameleons. He also advised AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu not to trust them anymore.

Shivaji has alleged that central ministers of AP state have primarily focused on their business only. Shivaji alleges a Union Minister has amassed huge wealth in the past 18 months of NDA Rule. He pledged to drag the Public Representative to Supreme Court for corrupt practices.

Shivaji has alleged that BJP minister Venkaiah Naidu after the prestigious post has forgotten his promise and ignored the Special Status issue. He said that in coming days, the agitation on special status will be intensified. Was he suffering due to approach of NDA is granting Special Status and Special Package to the residuary state?

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