Sujana Chowdary comments on reservations for women

 November 08 2015 at 16:04   325    Sujana Chowdary Reservations for women Women entrepreneurs

Sujana Chowdary comments on reservations for women

Union Minister and TDP senior leader Sujana Chowdary landed himself in a controversy over his comments against reservations for women. He questioned the need for reservation for women especially when they are establishing themselves in all sectors.

Sujana Chowdary addressing the women entrepreneurs at a programme in Vijayawada said that by handing out reservations to women, they will be in a closed environment and be isolated.

Instead, he said that women should be encouraged and opportunities should be provided for them to excel in their preferred profession. The Minister further stated that women should utilize the Central and state government's schemes that are being implemented.

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