Sunil use Jakkanna name !!

 December 05 2015 at 13:01   233    Jakkanna Sunil Krishnashtami Rajamouli Vamsi Akella

Sunil use Jakkanna name !!

Telugu audience are about to forget the comedian turned hero Sunil, This guy has not released a movie from the past 2 and half years and his new movie Krishnastami is getting ready for the release. Sources said Sunil who is working for another movie with Vamsi will be titling his story as “Jakkanna”, Jakkanna is the name they give for Rajamouli in great stand.

It’s his pet name movie lovers use to call him for the way he makes movie like a superb sculptures. Now The famous name is suggested by Vamsi Akella the director. Cousin of Bollywood heroine Priyanka chopra – Mannara is romancing with Sunil in this movie. Prema Katha Chitram producer has turned himself for his second movie.

Meanwhile Krishnastami is getting ready for the release soon near to or before Sankranthi. Sunil has got back to back lineup for his as he wants not to waste any time he did after Bheemavaram Bullodu.

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